March 2, 2014

Water polo: Romania defeats GB 18-8, qualifies for 2014 European Championships
Mar 2, 2014

Water polo: Romania defeats GB 18-8, qualifies for 2014 European Championships.
Romania's national men's water polo team on Saturday evening qualified for the 2014 European Championships after a 18-8 (3-5, 3-1, 5-1, 7-1) victory over Great Britain in Sunderland in the second leg of the playoff for the final tournament in Hungary.
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Canadian - Chinese agreement for two nuclear reactors in Romania Canadian group Candu Energy has signed last week in Vancouver a binding and exclusive cooperation agreement with China Nuclear Power Engineering Company (CNPEC) for the construction of CANDU Units 3 and 4 at the Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant in Romania, according to “Candu Energy (...)

Hungarian PM accuses Romania of disrespectful statements Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban stated Saturday at Tusnad Baths that Romanian-Hungarian relations should be respectful and remarked that although he has never made any disrespectful statements about the Romanian nation, the Romanian state has made ‘plenty.’ On Saturday, the Prime Minister (...)

PNL-PDL merger approved by Joint Congress of the two parties Absent from the event held on Saturday at Parliament Palace were Crin Antonescu and Emil Boc, the former leaders of the two parties. The reprezentants of PDL and the PNL approved Saturday unanimously, in a joint congress, the protocol merger by fusion of PDL and PNL and the status of the new (...)

Budget deficit doubled in June The budget deficit doubled in June and reached 0.5 percent of the GDP at the end of the first half, as revenues went up by 2.9 percent in nominal terms on a year-on-year basis and expenses were cut by 0.3 percent, according to the Ministry of Finance data. After five months, the budget revenues (...)

EUR 7.2 bl from EU for road and rail infrastructure by 2020 Romania is going to receive EUR 7.2 billion from the European Union (EU) by 2020 for its road and rail infrastructure, Transport Minister Ioan Rus told the Realitatea TV last week. He said that Romania is going to receive EUR 1.2 billion from the EU by 2015 for its road and railway (...)

IAR Brasov in Airbus project on Super Puma helicopters IAR Brasov, a public company, will cede to Vadstena, the company registered by Airbus Helicopters in Romania, a 15,000 square meter stretch of land at Ghimbav in Brasov County, according to a report of the company sent to Bucharest Stock Exchange. On that land, Vadstena will build an industrial (...)

Individuals owning more houses not to pay extra taxes The people who own more than the house they live in will not pay extra taxes according to the system in effect over the past few years, as this item will be wiped the next year, through the new Fiscal Code. The current legislation forces the individuals who have more houses a 65 per cent (...) : all romanian news. Copyright © DIRECTWAY | RSS Romaniapress NEWSNews RSS |