March 3, 2014

Romania: Remus Pricopie picked to become the education minister (bio)
Mar 3, 2014

Romania: Remus Pricopie picked to become the education minister (bio).
Bucharest, March 3 /Agerpres/ - Remus Pricopie on March 3, 2014 was picked education minister in the Ponta III Cabinet.

He was born on January 22, 1970 at Ceahlau, Neamt County.

He is a June 1995 class graduate of the Faculty of Chemistry of Bucharest University, the Physics and Chemistry specialty. In September 1997 he graduated from postgraduate courses in International Affairs and European Policy of the Liege University, Belgium. October 1996- January 2000 he studied Communications and Public Relations at the Bucharest National School of Political and Administrative Studies (SNSPA). August 2003 - July 2004 he studied International Educational Policies at the George Washington University, the US. In 2005 he won a doctor's degree in Political Sciences from SNSPA. October 2006 - June 2008 he studied at the Education Institute of the London University for a master's degree in Higher Education Management. March 2007 - March 2008 he was a Fulbright follower at the New York State University. In June 2009, he won an education management certificate from the Harvard University.

He started his administration career at the Ministry of Education and Research as an expert with the Higher Education and Research Department (February 1996 - July 1997); he went on to become the spokesman of the ministry (July-October 1997); expert with the Public Relations Directorate (October 1998 - January 2001); spokesman, head of the Public Relations Department (January 2001 - May 2001); secretary general (May 2001 - September 2001); adviser to the education minister (December 2001 - May 2003 and January-October 2009); ad-interim minister in May 2008.

On November 20, 2007 he was appointed state secretary for higher education with the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth, an office he held until December 2008.

He was appointed education minster in the Ponta II Cabinet on December 21, 2012.

October 2000 - September 2005 he was a lecturer at SNSPA. In October 2005 he became a doctoral lecturer at SNSPA, and on December 2005 he became the dean of the SNSPA Faculty of Communications and Public Relations. On March 6, 2012 he was made the chancellor of SNSPA.

He was also executive director of the World Bank's Public Relations Training Centre September 1999 - September 2002. He was also a coordination director of the Information Centres of the European Union, 2001-2002.

He is a member of the Romanian Association of Public Relations Practitioners, the Romanian Association of the Club of Rome and the International Communications Association.

He is author of various papers and books, including a 2005 book on public relations developments and prospects, published by Tritonic Publishing House and 2003 course notes on basic public relations published by the publishing house.

He is fluent in English and French. He is married, with two children. AGERPRES
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