April 16, 2014

EXCLUSIVE. IKEA deals in communist-era Romania were interfered with by dictator Ceausescu's secret service Securitate - unclassified files
Apr 16, 2014

EXCLUSIVE. IKEA deals in communist-era Romania were interfered with by dictator Ceausescu's secret service Securitate - unclassified files.
Swedish company IKEA used to run business with communist Romania in the eighties, involving confidential overbilling operations which were joined by dictator Nicolae Ceausescu's secret service, the dreaded Securitate, according to documents consulted by Files available at the National Council for the Study of Securitate Archives show that at one point in the eighties the head of Romania's espionage, General Aristotel Stamatoiu, ordered a transfer of money to an IKEA account at East Germany's Bank of Foreign Commerce. The operation codenamed Scandinavica was coordinated by a foreign Securitate officer who now heads Bucharest football club Dinamo.
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Ciolos: EU in search of new ways of supporting Republic of Moldova in trade dispute with Russia “The EU is seeking new ways of supporting Republic of Moldova producers who have been affected by Russia’s ceasing of fruit and vegetable imports,” Dacian Ciolos, European Commissioner for Agriculture, stated after Wednesday’s meeting with Karel De Gucht, Commissioner for Trade, and Stefan Fule, (...)

Agricultural output in 2013, a new all time high - RON 78.4 bn According to INS, last years’ modifications occurred in the structure of production in the sense of the increase of the weight held by vegetal production to 68.6 pc and the decrease of animal production to 30.4 pc. Romanian agriculture is one of the economic sectors with the highest development (...)

President Basescu sends CAS law back to Parliament, premier insists for enforcement Despite premier Ponta’s insistence to enforce the law as quickly as possible, President Traian Basescu refused to promulgate it and signed on Wednesday the request of re-examination by the Parliament of the law on the cuts to social contribution (CAS). In a press conference at Cotroceni Palace, (...)

Victor Ponta: "I will run for President" Premier Victor Ponta officially announced on Adevarul Live on Thursday that he will run in the presidential elections. The PSD President would have feared an electoral competition with Crin Antonescu, however PNL’s decision to designate Klaus Iohannis as its presidential candidate “took a load (...)

Ukraine Coalition Government Collapses Ukraine’s coalition collapsed on Thursday after two parties quit during a months-long pro-Russian insurgency in the nation’s east that downed a Malaysian Air jet last week, reports. The UDAR and Svoboda parties said they’d leave the government and seek a snap parliamentary ballot, (...)

European Fair of Castles to premiere in Romania The first European fair of castles to be held in Romania will take place next year at Corvinilor Castle in Hunedoara between May 1 and May 13, 2015, Agerpres reports. The event, hosted by the Hunedoara Town Hall, is aimed at promoting the touristic potential of the old continent’s historical (...)

Anniversary screening in Berlin: "Forest of the Hanged" by Liviu Ciulei The film “Forest of the Hanged” by Liviu Ciulei will be screened on Sunday, July 27 at Zeughauskino, the Berlin vintage film cinema, during a program devoted to the commemoration of 100 years since the outbreak of the First World War, initiated by the Romanian Cultural Institute in Berlin. To (...) : all romanian news. Copyright © DIRECTWAY | RSS Romaniapress NEWSNews RSS |