June 1, 2014

Romtelecom and COSMOTE Romania, ready to use “Telekom” identity
Jun 1, 2014

Romtelecom and COSMOTE Romania, ready to use “Telekom” identity.
Romtelecom and COSMOTE Romania will bear new commercial names associated with Deutsche Telekom, which will be communicated in due time, after all legal steps are completed, a press release informs. Following the decision of the Extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting of OTE on April 30th, (...)
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Fiscal Council: Lower revenues confirmed by budget adjustment Although the budget adjustment announced by the Ponta Gov’t is a positive one, the trend of the last few days shows a decrease in revenues, Fiscal Council representatives claim. They also believe the new projections fail to show clearly how the holes in first quarter collections are to be (...)

Bucharest General Council threatened to dissolve CGBM meeting on Wednesday failed to be held due to lack of quorum as PDL and PNL councilors were absent. The meeting of Bucharest General Council (CGMB) summoned on Wednesday by general mayor Sorin Oprescu was dismissed two hours after the hour announced, due to lack of quorum. There were only (...)

Israel called up 16,000 reservists Israeli soldiers rest on an APC at an army deployment area in southern Israel near the border with Gaza. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) was instructed to summon 16,000 more reserve soldiers amid the ongoing operation in the Gaza Strip, bringing the total number of reserve soldiers to 86,000, (...)

Reformist Liberal Party's Congress to convene on Aug 1-2 The members of the Reformist Liberal Party (PLR) will hold their first congress on Aug. 1-2 at Parliament Palace to elect the leadership of the party.  The first day of the PLR Congress will be devoted to debates on resolutions to be presented within the event; on Saturday, the participants will (...)

185 localities stricken by floods; one person died Interior Minister Gabriel Oprea has announced that between Sunday and Wednesday 185 localities got under water, one person died and four persons are going missing. The person who died is aged 71 from Valcea County village Stroesti and was reported missing three days ago. The man was found dead (...)

Ukrainian parliament votes against PM Yatsenyuk's resignation Ukraine’s parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, on Thursday voted against the resignation of Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk. MPs earlier in the day approved legislation the prime minister said was needed to avoid a financial default. With the necessary 226 votes needed for Yatsenyuk’s resignation, (...)

Dragnea: Ponta vs. Basescu in presidential elections' run-off, even if Basescu does not run directly The PSD’s Executive Chairman Liviu Dragnea said on Thursday that, in the run-off of presidential elections, Victor Ponta would actually face Traian Basescu, taking into account the fact that all the potential candidates of the Right rely on the hard core of the incumbent President’s voters. ‘In (...) : all romanian news. Copyright © DIRECTWAY | RSS Romaniapress NEWSNews RSS |