July 14, 2014

Romania – first in EU by increase in industrial production
Jul 14, 2014

Romania – first in EU by increase in industrial production.
Industrial production continues to be the star of Romanian economy as production levels in this segment increased by 15 percent in May, 2014, after being the driving force behind the economic growth of 2013, which places Romania at the top of the list in the EU area, data released Monday by (...)
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Financial leasing market records new funding worth EUR 664 M by end-H1, 2014 The Romanian financial leasing market recorded 664 million euros worth of overall newly-financed volume at the end of June 2014, up 22 percent from the same period a year ago, the Financial Companies Association – ALB Romania said in a release. Funding directed to the segment of cars and (...)

Agriculture Ministry acquires consultancy service for OPF 2014-2020 in excess of RON 8.3 M Romania's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has purchased technical assistance services for the development and consolidation of the institutional capacity of the Directorate General Fisheries – The Management Authority for Operational Programme Fisheries (OPF) to prepare, draw up (...)

Over 460,900 unemployed officially registered on July 31 The total number of the unemployed registered with the county employment agencies at end-July 2014 was 460,990, up 19,389 from the previous month, the National Employment Agency (ANOFM) reported on Wednesday. Broken down by gender, male unemployment increased from 5.35 percent in June to 5.52 (...)

Businessmen's representative: Doubled amounts refused to payment result of seasonal activities, insolvencies The spectacular surge in the amounts refused to payment by the banks in July can be explained by the seasonal character of several activities conducted over this period and also by the existence of a business climate that generates insolvencies, the Secretary General of the Romanian (...)

PMP's Udrea: Any party has to pick the candidate that can score the highest National leader of the People's Movement Party (PMP) Elena Udrea said Tuesday evening that any party is under an obligation to pick for an election the candidate that can score the highest. She added that following an analysis of the situation of PMP's initial presidential candidate Cristian (...)

Dusa, in a meeting with Thompson: Situation in Ukraine, a reason to worry for both NATO and Romania National Defence Minister Mircea Dusa in a meeting with US Embassy Charge d'Affairs Dean Thompson on Wednesday said that the situation in Ukraine represents ‘a reason to worry both for NATO and for Romania, as ally state.' Besides the situation in Ukraine, the two officials also talked about the (...)

FM Corlatean emphasizes privileged nature of Strategic Partnership relations with United Kingdom Minister of Foreign Affairs Titus Corlatean has received on Wednesday the new ambassador of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Romania, Paul Brummell, on the occasion of the presentation of accreditation letters; he used this opportunity to emphasize the ‘privileged (...) : all romanian news. Copyright © DIRECTWAY | RSS Romaniapress NEWSNews RSS |