July 15, 2014

PNL/PDL status project: alliance for presidential elections in 2014
Jul 15, 2014

PNL/PDL status project: alliance for presidential elections in 2014.
Shared leadership during 2015-2017. The full name of the party is PNL/PDL, according to the status project drafted by the mixed negotiation commission of the two parties. PNL and PDL would work as a party with a united leadership from 2017, in the next election cycle. The status project drafted (...)
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PM Assures Taxes And Excise Duties Won't Be Raised In 2015 Romania’s Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Wednesday said the government will not increase taxes and will keep excise duties unchanged in 2015, at this year’s level, considering that the system used so far to compute excise duty rates should lead to a (...)

Romanian film review - Stormy mess: A Very Unsettled Summer Anca Damian’s previous feature, Crulic, was a great film. It was a moving, beautiful take on a tragic true story and it was a truly original mix of documentary elements and gorgeous animation. How she could have directed a film as silly and all-over-the place as O vară foarte instabilă/A Very (...)

PM Ponta: Difficult negotiations with EC, WB and IMF ahead, but balanced budget feasible Premier Victor Ponta reiterated on Wednesday that the 2015 draft budget will be adopted at the December 10 Government meeting, arguing that a "balanced" budget formula can be reached for next year, given the growth of economy and budget (...)

Fondul Proprietatea Calls For Urgent Privatization Of Romaero Baneasa Investment fund Fondul Proprietatea (FP.RO), a minority shareholder in state-owned aircraft parts maker Romaero Baneasa (RORX.RO), calls for the urgent privatization of the manufacturer.

EC Opens Infringement Proceedings Against Romania Over Security Of Gas Supply The European Commission on Wednesday opened infringement proceedings against Romania over security of gas supply, as it failed to notify to the Commission the adoption of a preventive action plan and an emergency plan in this respect as requested under the security of gas supply (...)

Bloomberg: Banca Transilvania, interested in taking over Volksbank Romania (sources) Banca Transilvania, the third-largest bank in Romania, is under discussions to take over the Romanian subsidiary of the Austrian banking group Volksbanken, Volksbank Romania SA, two sources close to the discussions have told (...)

Klaus Iohannis to take over the Presidential mandate from Traian Basescu in late-December The two teams of the Romanian President-elect Klaus Iohannis and the President in office Traian Basescu recently met to discuss the details of the ceremony during which Iohannis will take over the Presidential mandate from Traian Basescu. According to sources cited by local Digi24, the ceremony (...) : all romanian news. Copyright © DIRECTWAY | RSS Romaniapress NEWSNews RSS |