July 28, 2014

Private pensions system, assets worth RON 17.5 bn
Jul 28, 2014

Private pensions system, assets worth RON 17.5 bn.
The total assets under administration in the entire system of private pensions in late June amounted to RON 17.5 billion (18.42 per cent higher than December 31, 2013), reports a press release of the Financial Supervisory Authority. The value of the total assets calculated in EUR is about 4 (...)
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The EUR100 Million Day The Black Friday sales campaign introduced in Romania by online retailer eMag three years ago and conducted on Friday will generate record sales of more than EUR100 million this year for the largest online retailers and computer and electronics retail chains alone, according to ZF (...)

Largest State-Run Energy Companies Sit On RON7.7B Cash Reserves The five largest state-run listed energy companies have 7.7 billion lei (EUR1.7 billion) cash in their accounts, more than one third of their market value.

Romanian Detergents Factory - From Local Alba Brand, Through Tide And Ariel, To Private Label Brands The detergent plant in Timisoara, western Romania, started manufacturing Alba laundry detergent, a Romanian brand, in 1958. Three decades later, along with the local economy, it entered the capitalist era, when it was taken over by U.S. giant P&G, and started manufacturing detergent brands (...)

Preh Romania Hires 100 More People In Brasov Car part maker Preh Romania, a supplier of Porsche, Daimler, Audi or BMW, plans to recruit 100 people for its plant of Ghimbav, Brasov county. The company now has around 800 employees after recruiting 150 people this year.

Private Sector Created 19,000 Jobs In 2013; 460,000 Jobs Lost In The Crisis Still Need To Be Retrieved The number of companies in Romania rose by 13,500 in 2013 from 2012, to around 460,000, while private sector headcount shows 19,000 new jobs were created, according to the latest data published by the Statistics Institute.

Aerostar Bacau Expects 33% Higher Gains In 2015 Romanian aircraft construction and repair firm Aerostar Bacau (ARS.RO) takes into account a 33% increase in net profit next year, to 20 million lei, after the solid figures it posted in the first nine months of 2014.

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