August 5, 2014

Romanian Patriarchy: Church disapproves political confrontation for religious reasons
Aug 5, 2014

Romanian Patriarchy: Church disapproves political confrontation for religious reasons.
The Romanian Patriarchy calls on the representatives of the political class in Romania to avoid political confrontation during the electoral debates for the November presidential elections, mentioning that according to the Romanian law, the religious creeds are factors of social peace (Law no. (...)
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Ghetea, ARB: Local Banking System Will Suffer Major Loss This Year In NPL Clean-up Process Romania’s banking system will suffer a major loss this year on banks’ move to remove bad loans from their portfolios, a process that is far from having concluded as BNR wants a NPL ratio similar with that of other European countries, considers Radu Ghetea, head of the Romanian Banking Association (...)

Gealan Romania: 2014 Is The Weakest Year For Thermal Rehabilitation Schemes The Romanian window PVC profile market will end 2014 with an overall 15% decline against 2013, reaching a value of below EUR250 million, from EUR1 billion in the boom period, says Aurel Vlaicu, general manager of the Romanian subsidiary of Germany’s (...)

Electrica Does Not Rule Out Regional Expansion Energy prices will remain flat next year, believes Ioan Rosca, chief executive officer of Electrica, Romania’s largest power distribution and supply company, with almost 3.6 million consumers.

Cerealcom Owner Sends EUR60M Worth Of Grain To Jordan Cerealcom Dolj, the company owned by Romanian entrepreneur Mihai Anghel, won seven international auctions organized by the government of Jordan to export 250,000 tons of wheat and another 100,000 tons of barley to this destination by (...)

Winemaker Domeniile Sahateni: EU Funds, A Godsend For Local Wine Industry Romanian wines are stirring rising interest on foreign markets as well on the significant quality increase based on European Fund injection, says Aurelia Visinescu, one of Romania’s few woman oenologists, who almost 10 years ago set up winemaker Domeniile (...)

Food Retail: Only Two Romanian Entrepreneurs In Top Ten Resist Assault Of Foreign Networks And Crisis The financial crisis and the aggressive expansion of foreign networks toppled the first generation of entrepreneurs in Romania’s food retail, but a new generation is trying to enter the race against international giants.

Rock climber Mikael Fredholm's biggest challenge For passionate mountaineer and rock climber Mikael Fredholm the biggest climb of his life is just beginning. He has climbed his Omu Peak* starting as just another employee of World Class Romania, ten years ago, and managed to become CEO of the whole group. Now he’s starting a new, much more (...) : all romanian news. Copyright © DIRECTWAY | RSS Romaniapress NEWSNews RSS |