August 8, 2014

Romanian mogul Dan Voiculescu, influential businessman and politician, receives 10 year prison sentence in corruption case
Aug 8, 2014

Romanian mogul Dan Voiculescu, influential businessman and politician, receives 10 year prison sentence in corruption case.
The Bucharest Appeals Court gave a 10-year prison sentence in the case of Romanian mogul Dan Voiculescu, one of the country's most powerful people, in a corruption case related to the privatisation of a food research institute. The historic verdict is final and comes after years of judicial procedures, delays, political maneuvering and media attacks on the judiciary. A previous court had given a five year sentence in the same case, but it was appealed.
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Commemorative concert marking 25 years since Romanian Revolution on Mozart scores, at Romanian Athenaeum A commemorative concert marking 25 years since the Romanian Revolution of December 1989 will take place on Sunday, 21 December, from 18:00, in the Grand Hall of the Romanian Athenaeum. The Symphonic Orchestra of the ‘George Enescu’ Philharmonic, conducted by Horia Andreescu, will play ‘Requiem’ (...)

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New Year celebration at the National Opera of Bucharest The Bucharest lyrical stage awaits the audience at a double event in the night 2015 begins An extraordinary New Year concert and a celebration party: this is the double event offered by the National Opera of Bucharest for December 31, intended by the management of the institution as an (...)

Coface Romania: Top 50 Best Performing Romanian Companies Dedeman maintained the first position in Top 50 Formens, Pandora Prod si Peek & Cloppenburg in all Top 50 rankings in the last 3 years 11 out of 50 companies are activating within the Wholesale trade sector   The latest edition of the Top 50 Best Performers Study, conducted by Coface Romania (...) : all romanian news. Copyright © DIRECTWAY | RSS Romaniapress NEWSNews RSS |