August 15, 2014

InterAgro resumes production in Turnu Magurele, Slobozia chemical factories
Aug 15, 2014

InterAgro resumes production in Turnu Magurele, Slobozia chemical factories.
The InterAgro Group is resuming production at the chemical plants Donau Chem of Turnu Magurele and Chemgas of Slobozia (both in southern Romania) starting on Thursday, the group has announced. The decision follows a slight improvement of the international fertilizers market. ‘Resuming production (...)
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Presidential candidates get all-clear, none found to ever have worked for former political police The National Council for the Study of Securitate Archives (CNSAS) announced on Friday that none of the 14 candidates running for the office of President of Romania has been a collaborator or worked for the former political police (...)

Leu Ends Higher Vs Euro, Trades Slightly Above 4.42 Units Romania’s leu advanced against the euro in a quiet market Friday to finish the session slightly above 4.42 to the euro, amid low volumes.

Romanian banks have more money than they can place as deposits are rising while loan books are shrinking The total deposits placed by resident customers in Romanian banks have increased by 5.4%, or EUR 2.5 billion, from September 2013 until September 2014, while the total loans outstanding granted by local banks have declined by 4.5%, or EUR 2.26 billion, during the same period, according to data (...)

PNL's Atanasiu: DNA blow to PSD so serious, internal battles have started First deputy chairman of the Christian Liberal Alliance (ACL) Teodor Atanasiu, a Liberal (PNL) senator for Alba County, on Friday told a press conference held in Alba Iulia that the "visible effect" of the National Anti-corruption Directorate's (DNA) recent actions through which the Social (...)

Romania switches to winter time this weekend Romania will switch to winter time on Sunday, October 26, when clocks will be turned back one hour and 4 am becomes 3 am. Starting October 26, Romania switches from the Eastern European Summer Time to the winter Eastern European Time, a time zone 2 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time. (...)

Romanian Princess Margareta decorates several public figures, including folk singers and actresses Several public figures, including well-known Romanian folk singers and actresses, have been decorated by Princess Margareta of Romania during a ceremony organized at the Peles Castle in Sinaia mountain resort. The event marked the 93rd anniversary of Romania’s King Michael I. Some of the (...)

Ponta: Competitors, especially Iohannis, wrongfully feel DNA will win the election for them Prime Minister Victor Ponta, the presidential candidate of the alliance of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), the National Union for Romania's Progress (UNPR) and the Conservative Party (PC), said Friday in Targoviste that he cannot comment on more than 100 persons being brought to the National (...) : all romanian news. Copyright © DIRECTWAY | RSS Romaniapress NEWSNews RSS |