October 14, 2019

Orban:PNL supported,supports and will support investment programs;will finalize PNDL 2; continue this type of projects
Oct 14, 2019

Orban:PNL supported,supports and will support investment programs;will finalize PNDL 2; continue this type of projects.
The National Liberal Party (PNL) supports investment programs at the local level and not only will it finalize the National Program for Local Development 2 (PNDL 2) program, but will continue this type of programs, said, on Monday, the PNL chairman, Ludovic Orban, adding, however, that the money will be allotted by criteria set down by law and not the "pen of a minister". "Local communities, especially those local communities that do not have resources to develop, need support as part of an investment program that would be financed from the state budget. This investment program, over time, has had many shapes. It started with Government Decision 577 during the Convention Government, it continued with Ordinance 7 in the period of the Liberal government, it continued with what is called the PNDL, it was called the PNDI [National Program for Infrastructure Development] in the previous government. It has always existed and know that in all the countries there are such government investment programs aimed at supporting the development of poorer local communities, where the necessary resources for support do not exist. (...) As such, I say it loud and clear: the PNL has supported, supports and will support such investment programs. Not only will we finalize this PNDL 2, but certainly, after the completion of PNDL 2, we will continue this type of investment programs," Orban stated, after the meeting of the PNL leadership, when asked about the party’s position regarding the PNDL. He mentioned however that there must not be overlaps with regard to the allotment of financial resources, announcing that the criteria underpinning the funds allotment decisions will be established through legal regulations. "One of the fundamental missions the future government will have will surely be the mission to negotiate the agreement with the European Commission regarding the future multiannual financial exercise - the EU budget regarding 2021-2027. Things must be thought out thoroughly, what local investments can be financed through European non-refundable funds, must be financed through European funds, and only those local communities that cannot access European funds or those types of investments that are necessary, but for which there are no necessary resources from EU non-refundable financing, will be the subject of a governmental investment program for local communities. There will be no more overlaps," Orban said. The Liberal leader maintained that the decision to allot these funds will not be made by "the pen of a minister". "In what regards the future investment program at the local level supported at government level, we will establish through legal regulations the criteria that will be the basis for decisions to allot funds to different local communities. Furthermore, the decision will not rely solely on the pen of a minister or the prime minister, but will be the result of a decision in which the local authorities will be involved, through representative associations, professionals in the academia that can contribute towards making those decisions through which the allotment of funds is carried out where necessary and within the priorities set down by the law," Ludovic Orban explained. AGERPRES (RO - author: Alina Novaceanu, editor: Andreea Rotaru; EN - author: Razvan-Adrian Pandea, editor: Simona Iacob)

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