March 24, 2020

CERT-RO publishes essential recommendations for people working from home
Mar 24, 2020

CERT-RO publishes essential recommendations for people working from home.

The Romanian National Computer Security Incident Response Team (CERT-RO) published on Tuesday a series of recommendations for people working or who are going to work from home, in the next period, among the pieces of advice being those on online shopping, securing the work environment and the care for how children "surf" the Internet. The published recommendations are based on the close cooperation between CERT-RO and Europol. According to experts, in the case of securing the new work environment (at home), it is necessary to change the default username and password of the wifi router, install an antivirus solution on the devices used for remote work, review the permissions of data applications and disabling where it is not necessary the access, the choice of strong, complex passwords and the use of 2-step authentication (2FA) - especially in the case of e-mail and social media accounts, regular back-up of the essential data, automatic updating of the software - of devices, securing electronic devices with passwords, PIN codes or biometric information (fingerprint, Face ID, etc.), respectively reviewing the privacy settings of social media accounts. Also, in the case of online shopping, it is recommended to buy only from the recognized online stores and to constantly check the reviews offered by customers, not accepting any offer ("If this sounds too good to be true, then it is probably a fraud attempt"), pay attention to the insertion of card data in the online environment and frequent verification of the transactions in the account, to detect any suspicious activity. CERT-RO experts warn Internet users not to respond to suspicious messages or calls, not to provide personal or financial-banking data, not to disseminate information from unofficial sources, not to donate money without verifying the authenticity of the campaign, not to open links and attachments from unsolicited emails or text messages, not to buy products unavailable online in other parts and not to send money to strangers. On the security side of children in the online environment, it is necessary to check the security and privacy settings of the smart toys, to change the usernames and default passwords with which these toys came from the factory, to activate the parental control settings for to keep the child's activity online safe, as well as discussions with children about safety in the online environment. "Listen to the stories of their experiences on the Internet and explain to them that online security measures should be similar to real life ones," CERT-RO officials said. Last but not least, it is recommended to follow official and credible sources for up-to-date information and if users realize that they may be victims of a computer attack in the online environment, they should report the problem to CERT-RO, either to the 1911 number or to e-mail address AGERPRES (RO - author: Daniel Badea, editor: Mariana Nica; EN - author: Bogdan Gabaroi, editor: Adina Panaitescu)

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