August 7, 2020

Romanian, US military officials discuss number of American troops to be additionally deployed to Romania
Aug 7, 2020

Romanian, US military officials discuss number of American troops to be additionally deployed to Romania.

The Minister of National Defense Nicolae Ciuca, and the Chief of the Defense Staff, Lieutenant General Daniel Petrescu, met on Friday at the Ministry of Defense (MApN) headquarters with the U.S. Army Chief of Staff, General James C McConville, and Commander of US Army Europe Lt. Gen. Christopher G. Cavoli. This week we announced the establishment of the US Fifth Corps Headquarters in Poland as part of the realignment of our forces in Europe. Also in line with Secretary Espen's recent statement, we intend to deploy more forces in the Black Sea region, particularly in Romania. This demonstrates our continued commitment to a strong Europe. As Secretary Espen pointed out, the Black Sea region is critical to Europe's security and defense. Romania is a key ally of the United States and NATO. We are proud to have such a strong ally that has fought with us in Iraq and continues to do so in Afghanistan, said General James C. McConville at the Ministry of National Defense. He said that talks with Romanian officials focused on the number of American troops to be deployed additionally to Romania and the places where they will be stationed. He also stressed the importance of increasing military cooperation with Romania. US soldiers train regularly with Romanian allies by increasing combat capability. (...) Our joint training contributes to increasing the level of regional security by raising the level of interoperability and common capabilities. Together we are ready to respond when needed, here, in an important area such as the Black Sea, in Europe or anywhere in the world. Close cooperation with allies, such as Romania, is essential to our common security interests. Our shared common goal will contribute to maintaining strong the military relationship between Romania and the United States, the US general said. For his part, the Chief of the Defense Staff (SMAp) Daniel Petrescu welcomed the US intention to supplement the effort to support security at the Black Sea through a continuous rotating presence. "We understand that we must continue to contribute to fulfilling our commitments and responsibilities, and that means continuing to allocate the necessary resources for defense," Petrescu added. According to the head of SMAp, the Romanian-American cooperation is exceptional, and the United States represents the most important strategic partner of Romania. "The United States offers us constant support in the process of adapting the Romanian armed forces in order to successfully fulfill our missions in a complex and dynamic security environment in the Black Sea region. We agreed together that we must strengthen the pace of cooperation and I would like to mention here the need to continue our ambitious program of exercises, both bilaterally and in allied and multinational format. The commitment of the United States of America to the region is of particular importance and is a key factor in support of the strengthening of security on the southern segment of the Alliance's Eastern Flank. We must continue to implement a series of deterrence and defense measures in the Black Sea region, similar to the measures planned and implemented in the Baltic Sea region. We also support the relevance of developing the infrastructure necessary both to housing American and allied troops and to receiving reinforcements and for this we are making our own efforts both from national funds as well as using the NATO common funds or the funds of the European initiative for deterrence," mentioned Daniel Petrescu. The head of SMAp underlined the efforts to modernize the Romanian Army, pointing out, in context, that the HIMARS and Patriot systems will soon be part of the armed forces. The two officials also announced that next year, through a very complex exercise, the initial operational capacity of the NATO Southeast Multinational Corps Headquarters will be declared. Next year we will conduct an exercise where we will also use the command and control means looking for interoperability with our partners for the purpose of this relationship, the US official said. "Next year we intend, through a very complex exercise, together with the US Army Europe, and with the mentorship we receive from the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps - ARC and the participation of our Army Corps Command, to declare the initial operational capability of this headquarters," added the head of SMAp. The US officials are paying a visit to Romania until Sunday. AGERPRES (RO - author: Florentina Peia, editor; Georgiana Tanasescu; ; EN - author: Simona Iacob, editor: Simona Klodnischi)

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