April 8, 2021

MEP Winkler (UDMR): Recovery and resilience plan, a unique chance for Romania
Apr 8, 2021

MEP Winkler (UDMR): Recovery and resilience plan, a unique chance for Romania.

The European Recovery and Resilience Facility represents a unique chance for Romania to make a leap in economic development and modernisation, but the deadlines for its implementation must be met by the Romanian officials, MEP Iuliu Winkler of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) said in Deva on Thursday He pointed out that the deadlines set for the entry into force of the European facility are nearing in, with the first set at April 30, when the government has to submit to the European Commission a draft national recovery and resilience plan (PNRR). He mentioned that the Romanian government is at an advanced stage of drafting the document and that it will be a good one. "By the end of April, the government must complete and submit to the European Commission (EC) the draft PNRR, and the Romanian Parliament must complete the ratification of the decision on the EU's own resources. This decision is expected to be taken as soon as possible by all the member states so that the European Recovery and Resilience Facility worth 672.5 billion euros can enter into force," MEP Winkler told a news conference. According to him, the adoption by all member states of the decision on the EU's own resources is necessary to launch the lending operation on the financial markets. Meeting deadlines is important for member states, including Romania, to benefit from pre-financing projects included in their own recovery and resilience plans. "These advance payments can be received after obtaining the approval from the EC on PNRR. In the most optimistic scenario, Romania could have access, as early as this summer, to a pre-financing of 3.95 billion euros, which is 13% of the total value allocated to Romania under the PNRR. The total funds under PNRR are 29.2 billion euros, of which 14.2 billion euros are grants and 15 billion euros will be loans. I want to remind you that in the European Parliament we have managed to increase the value of pre-financing from 10% to 13% under national recovery and resilience plans, "Winkler said. He explained that the ERRF has six main directions: green transition and greening, digital transition, competitiveness and economic cohesion, social cohesion, strengthening public institutions and youth policies. In his opinion, under these directions important projects for Romania can be funded, from those related to increasing energy efficiency to water supply and sewerage programmes, expanding the irrigation system and modernising the railway transport infrastructure. "In terms of digitalisation, I think the most important priority is the digitalisation of education, but the digitalisation of public services can be financed as well. In terms of economic cohesion, we will finance road transport infrastructure. In terms of competitiveness, we will focus on supporting the SME sector, and in terms of social cohesion we will finance local development projects. The funds related to the youth policies will aim to reduce school dropout, nursery building, and also the sports," said Winkler. AGERPRES (RO - author: Sorin Blada, editor: Marius Fratila; EN - author: Corneliu-Aurelian Colceriu, editor: Cristina Zaharia)

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