Romaniapress Romanian News by Romaniapress en Traian Basescu to support Elena Udrea as candidate for Romania's Presidency 2014-08-22 07:22:09 President Traian Basescu told a TV talk show on Wednesday evening that he definitely supported People's Movement (...) 2014-08-22T05:22:09Z text/html en Raiffeisen posts H1 net profit of EUR 47 M in Romania 2014-08-22 07:20:34 Austrian banking group Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) announced on Thursday that, in the first six months of (...) 2014-08-22T05:20:34Z text/html en Vice PM Dragnea hands out 20 financing contracts under local development programme 2014-08-22 07:19:59 Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Regional Development and Public Administration Liviu Dragnea handed out financing (...) 2014-08-22T05:19:59Z text/html en Financial watchdog: Market capitalization down in H1 for companies listed on Bucharest Stock Exchange 2014-08-22 07:19:36 The market capitalization of the companies listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) totalled 131.569 billion (...) 2014-08-22T05:19:36Z text/html en Romania exports cars, transport equipment worth over EUR 7 bn in first 4 months of 2014 2014-08-22 07:18:48 Romania exported, in the first four months of this year, cars and transport equipment worth 7.352 billion euros, by (...) 2014-08-22T05:18:48Z text/html en PSD to convene in Tulcea to put the finishing touches to its presidential campaign 2014-08-22 07:18:19 Leaders of the county organisations of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), major at rule, on Thursday and Friday (...) 2014-08-22T05:18:19Z text/html en Independent deputy accuses President of breaching Constitution by supporting party, presidential candidate 2014-08-22 07:17:45 Deputy Bogdan Diaconu [a former member of the ruling Social Democratic Party] asserts that President Traian Basescu (...) 2014-08-22T05:17:45Z text/html en Romania Foreign Ministry firmly backs continuation of negotiations on Iran nuclear file 2014-08-22 07:17:21 Romanian State Secretary for Global Affairs Carmen Burlacu paid an official visit to Iran over August 16-20, on (...) 2014-08-22T05:17:21Z text/html en Vice PM Dragnea: We lack time for new Basescu suspension 2014-08-22 07:16:31 Vice Prime Minister Liviu Dragnea said in this eastern Danube River port city on Thursday that a new procedure (...) 2014-08-22T05:16:31Z text/html en Candidate Udrea: When I'm president, Ponta will no longer be PM 2014-08-22 07:16:04 People's Movement Party (PMP) chair Elena Udrea announced a decision of the party's National Executive Council (...) 2014-08-22T05:16:04Z text/html en Romania, Hungary sign agreement on opening cross-border roads 2014-08-21 03:55:50 The governments of Romania and Hungary have signed a framework agreement for opening 20 cross-border roads, (...) 2014-08-21T01:55:50Z text/html en Financial leasing market records new funding worth EUR 664 M by end-H1, 2014 2014-08-21 03:51:31 The Romanian financial leasing market recorded 664 million euros worth of overall newly-financed volume at the end (...) 2014-08-21T01:51:31Z text/html en Agriculture Ministry acquires consultancy service for OPF 2014-2020 in excess of RON 8.3 M 2014-08-21 03:45:15 Romania's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has purchased technical assistance services for the (...) 2014-08-21T01:45:15Z text/html en Over 460,900 unemployed officially registered on July 31 2014-08-21 03:44:49 The total number of the unemployed registered with the county employment agencies at end-July 2014 was 460,990, up (...) 2014-08-21T01:44:49Z text/html en Businessmen's representative: Doubled amounts refused to payment result of seasonal activities, insolvencies 2014-08-21 03:44:02 The spectacular surge in the amounts refused to payment by the banks in July can be explained by the seasonal (...) 2014-08-21T01:44:02Z text/html en PMP's Udrea: Any party has to pick the candidate that can score the highest 2014-08-21 03:43:04 National leader of the People's Movement Party (PMP) Elena Udrea said Tuesday evening that any party is under an (...) 2014-08-21T01:43:04Z text/html en Dusa, in a meeting with Thompson: Situation in Ukraine, a reason to worry for both NATO and Romania 2014-08-21 03:42:12 National Defence Minister Mircea Dusa in a meeting with US Embassy Charge d'Affairs Dean Thompson on Wednesday said (...) 2014-08-21T01:42:12Z text/html en FM Corlatean emphasizes privileged nature of Strategic Partnership relations with United Kingdom 2014-08-21 03:41:39 Minister of Foreign Affairs Titus Corlatean has received on Wednesday the new ambassador of the United Kingdom of (...) 2014-08-21T01:41:39Z text/html en Iohannis attends I.C. Bratianu commemoration in Arges county 2014-08-21 03:40:57 National Liberal Party (PNL, in opposition) President Klaus Iohannis attended events in the southern Arges county (...) 2014-08-21T01:40:57Z text/html en Romanian film festival titled ‘Three colors, one being' in Chisinau 2014-08-21 03:39:33 The first edition of the ‘Three colors, one being' Romanian Film Festival, organized by the Union of Film Authors (...) 2014-08-21T01:39:33Z text/html en Romania-Rep. of Moldova joint customs operations reduce cigarette smuggling in north-eastern Romania 2014-08-21 03:38:14 The Romania-Republic of Moldova joint customs operations led to a decrease in the cigarette smuggling in (...) 2014-08-21T01:38:14Z text/html en Ponta in dialogue with Antonescu: Romania's future president will no longer have Basescu's power 2014-08-20 07:40:09 Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Monday evening had a telephone intervention in a live TV show on Realitatea TV (...) 2014-08-20T05:40:09Z text/html en Businessman Dinu Patriciu dies at 64 2014-08-20 07:39:01 Businessman Dinu Patriciu has died in London, where he was receiving medical care after the liver transplant (...) 2014-08-20T05:39:01Z text/html en Finance Ministry borrowed RON 45 M from commercial banks on Tuesday 2014-08-20 07:37:49 The Public Finance Ministry (MFP) borrowed 45 million lei from local banks on Tuesday, this being an additional (...) 2014-08-20T05:37:49Z text/html en Romania exports beverages, tobacco worth over 227 mln euros, in first 4 months of 2014 2014-08-20 07:36:53 Romania exported, in the first four months of this year, beverages and tobacco of 227.2 million euros, by 43.3 (...) 2014-08-20T05:36:53Z text/html en Farmec posts H1 turnover of RON 75.2 M, down 6.13% from H1 2013 2014-08-20 07:36:20 Romanian cosmetics producer Farmec Cluj-Napoca recorded a turnover of 75.2 million lei in H1 2014, up by 6.13% from (...) 2014-08-20T05:36:20Z text/html en State-owned companies subordinated to Department for Energy, compelled to draw up development strategies for at least 10 years 2014-08-20 07:35:57 The state-owned companies subordinated to the Department for Energy will be compelled to draw up development (...) 2014-08-20T05:35:57Z text/html en Ponta tells ministers to spend money allotted for investments 2014-08-20 07:35:30 Prime Minister Victor Ponta has asked ministers on Tuesday to finalize the spending of money allotted for (...) 2014-08-20T05:35:30Z text/html en Elena Udrea to run for People's Movement Party in presidential election 2014-08-20 07:35:01 The chair of People's Movement Party (MPM) Elena Udrea is the party's candidate in the November presidential (...) 2014-08-20T05:35:01Z text/html en ForMin's State Secretary Aurescu meets with Canadian jet crews stationed in Romania 2014-08-20 07:34:33 State Secretary for Strategic Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE), Bogdan Aurescu, has visited, on (...) 2014-08-20T05:34:33Z text/html en Szilagyi Zsolt: For first time in history, Hungarian community will have two presidential candidates 2014-08-20 07:34:11 Vice Chairman of the Hungarian People's Party of Transylvania (PPMT), Szilagyi Zsolt on Tuesday in Oradea (...) 2014-08-20T05:34:11Z text/html en Cristian Diaconescu to run for President as independent candidate, Udrea ready to run on behalf of PMP 2014-08-19 07:45:46 Cristian Diaconescu announced in a press conference on Monday he will run in the upcoming presidential elections as (...) 2014-08-19T05:45:46Z text/html en Economy Minister: Despite two straight quarters of decline, Romania's economic trend still positive 2014-08-19 07:45:07 Although Romania's economy recorded two straight quarters of decline, it stays on a positive trend with a (...) 2014-08-19T05:45:07Z text/html en OTP Bank Romania announces 24.4 M lei in mid-year profit 2014-08-19 07:44:13 OTP Bank Romania recorded 24.4 million lei in after-tax profit in the six months of this year, according to a bank (...) 2014-08-19T05:44:13Z text/html en 2.2 times higher net profit in H1 for Transgaz 2014-08-19 07:43:46 The National Natural Gas Transport Company Transgaz posted 294.37 million lei in net profit in H1 2014, almost 2.2 (...) 2014-08-19T05:43:46Z text/html en GfK Temax: Value of Romanian market of durable goods reaches EUR 420 M in Q2 2014-08-19 07:43:19 The durable goods market reached 420 million euros in Romania in the second quarter of 2014, increasing 17 per cent (...) 2014-08-19T05:43:19Z text/html en Petrom CEO: Decision to force producers to sell gas on exchange distorts the market 2014-08-19 07:42:54 The decision of the authorities to force gas producers to sell part of the production on the exchange distorts the (...) 2014-08-19T05:42:54Z text/html en Romanian railway company to rent 1000 km of railroad in auction on Tuesday 2014-08-19 07:42:17 National Railway Company CFR offers to potential renters 1,016.2 km of railroad (29 railroad sections) that belong (...) 2014-08-19T05:42:17Z text/html en MFP loans 300 mln lei off banks, at 4.14 pct average yield 2014-08-19 07:41:49 The Ministry of Public Finances (MFP) has loaned on Monday 300 million lei off local banks, through a 10-year bond (...) 2014-08-19T05:41:49Z text/html en SIF investment funds see net combined assets drop 2.4 pct in July 2014-08-19 07:41:28 The net combined assets of five investment funds (SIFs) dropped 2.4 percent in July down to 6.7 billion lei, but (...) 2014-08-19T05:41:28Z text/html en Automotive market up about 31 pct over January-July 2014 2014-08-19 07:40:45 New car and commercial vehicle sales on the Romanian market amounted to 57,019 units over January-July 2014, up (...) 2014-08-19T05:40:45Z text/html en Achim Irimescu: EC compensation for Romanian vegetable growers, damage estimated at 10 million euros 2014-08-18 07:43:26 Romanian vegetable growers will receive compensation from the European Commission for the loss incurred as a result (...) 2014-08-18T05:43:26Z text/html en Preparations underway to open Corabia grain exchange 2014-08-18 07:42:31 The grain exchange in Corabia, Olt County, will be commissioned in the next two weeks, with the last preparations (...) 2014-08-18T05:42:31Z text/html en PDL's Predoiu accuses PM Ponta of failing to react to developments in Eastern Ukraine 2014-08-18 07:42:03 In a press release issued on Sunday to Agerpres, First Deputy Chairman of the opposition Democratic Liberal Party (...) 2014-08-18T05:42:03Z text/html en Defence Minister Dusa: Modernization of frigates starts this year 2014-08-18 07:41:20 The modernization programme of Type 22 frigates will be funded as of this year and it entails equipping the ships (...) 2014-08-18T05:41:20Z text/html en FM Corlatean: The EU should be ready to adopt additional sanctions on Russia 2014-08-18 07:39:35 The EU top diplomats gathered at the Foreign Affairs Council meeting on August 15 – Romanian Foreign Minister Titus (...) 2014-08-18T05:39:35Z text/html en President Basescu, US Vice-President Biden discuss Ukraine in phone call 2014-08-18 07:38:58 US Vice-President Joe Biden and Romanian President Traian Basescu on Friday discussed over phone the situation in (...) 2014-08-18T05:38:58Z text/html en President Basescu: According to EU standards, Romania has entered recession. Bad governance is to blame 2014-08-15 07:30:37 President Traian Basescu on Thursday said that according to the standards of the European Union, Romania has (...) 2014-08-15T05:30:37Z text/html en GDP down 1 pc in Q2, economy enters technical recession 2014-08-15 07:30:00 Romania's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) went down 1 percent in seasonally adjusted terms in the second quarter of (...) 2014-08-15T05:30:00Z text/html en Tennis: Halep defeats Safarova to reach quarter-finals in Cincinnati 2014-08-15 07:28:53 Romanian tennis player Simona Halep defeated Lucie Safarova (Czech Republic, 17 WTA) on Thursday 6-4, 7-5 to reach (...) 2014-08-15T05:28:53Z text/html en