August 3, 2021

BNS: Black month for labor market in Romania, the Labor Minister's indifference seems endless
Aug 3, 2021

BNS: Black month for labor market in Romania, the Labor Minister's indifference seems endless.

It's a black month for the Romanian labor market given that, in the past 40 days, 26 workers have been severely injured and 8 have died, shows the National Unions' Block (BNS), in a press release sent, on Tuesday, to AGERPRES. In this context, the union representatives accuse the lack of labor health and safety measures, on one hand, and the indifference of the Labor Minister, Raluca Turcan, on the other hand. "Despite the fact that nearly daily we learn from the press about worker that suffered labor accidents, some even with their deaths, nobody and nothing seems to determine taking up attitude by the current Labor Minister. Only from the Labor Inspector do we receive information about laughable fines issued to employers. Only in the past 40 days 26 workers were severely injured and are in hospital beds and another eight have died in terrible conditions. All of these have as causes: the lack of labor health and safety measures or in most cases, their formal application. Regardless of the magnitude of explosions in the recent period (Petromidia, Azomures, Celco, Popesti-Leordeni), regardless of the earth banks that simply swallow workers whole, regardless of the machinery that leaves so many crippled, the silence of Ms. Turcan shows the indifference of the Labor Minister seems endless," the union representatives claim. They believe that fines issued to employers mean nothing to the families of the eight workers that lost their lives on the job. "The fines issued to employers represent nothing to the families of the eight workers that lost their lives at their jobs. It's a black month for the labor market of Romania. In this context, we expect at least a minimal reaction on the part of the Labor Minister. We hope to find out the real reasons that were the basis for some of these labor accidents. We hope to hear from the mouth of the Labor Minister about the initiation of control campaigns at the level of companies with labor that has risk factors. Unfortunately, the Labor Minister remains oriented as up to now almost exclusively to the interests of employers. Her silence strengthens our belief that workers in Romania do not have much importance for her," the BNS claims. The most recent labor accident happened on Monday afternoon in Bucharest, in the courtyard of the Culture Ministry (behind the National Library building), where the bank of a slit trench collapsed over 6 employees of SC Algoritm Construct S3 SRL. Two of the workers died. Constantin Bujor, Head Inspector of the Bucharest City Territorial Labor Inspection stated, for AGERPRES, that the banks were not completely or adequately ensured.AGERPRES(RO - author: Daniel Badea, editor: Andreea Marinescu; EN - author: Razvan-Adrian Pandea, editor: Maria Voican)

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